Daewon Engineering.our performance has been vetified through export to foreign countries.No other products are able to meet our production capability and economic feasibility.

CEO’s Greeting
COMPANY Information
This is Kim, YeonJin, CEO of Daewon Engineering. First of all, thanks a lot for visiting our company homepage.
Our company was established in Nov. 1989 as JinSan Industrial Engineering, and changed its nale to Daewon Engineering in 1992. Our main products are automatic loader and cement block machines for secondary cement product production, various industrial machines and clay brick machines. We are trying to make another leap with the goal of the highest technology, quality and service along with our 19th year of foundation. Also, we will do our best to become the trusted company for the industry CEOs.
Your interests are our driving force of growth and to become a trusted company. I earnestly ask your interest and care for our company, and once again, thanks a lot for visiting our homepage.