Daewon Engineering.our performance has been vetified through export to foreign countries.No other products are able to meet our production capability and economic feasibility.

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Production of high quality products became possible by freely adjusting frequency of vibration according to status of aggregates. (Option spec.)

Automatic control circuit adopting P.C. has less breakage compared to past magnetic method which had frequent breakages and operation is also convenient because it is possible to confirm all motions in a glance. So it is possible for beginners to operate. In addition, it is economical and reliable automatic electric control equipment because electricity requirement is a little as it is possible to use according to convenience with possible replacement of automatic or manual operation.

It was focused to maximize mixer function by improving problems of sticking within hoppers by separating stone powder measuring hopper and sand measuring hopper so that uniform and perfect mixing function can be achieved.

Mixer has reduced cleaning time after completion of works significantly because cement does not stick with attachment of high tensile special steel on side plate, wing liner and floor liner of the mixer and its life span has been extended more through better durability that existing mixers.

Wasting time due to replacements was reduced by producing more light in weight, strong, precise and accurate standard molds. It is convenient as it is possible to use only through replacements of upper and lower part liners with various models and in particular, it is economical because life span of a mold is extended with excellent durability.